Ethereum Pascal dual mining

I started out mining cryptocurrencies for educational reasons. I don’t have adequate GPUs to make a living out of it but I enjoy the technical aspects and learning about blockchain. I have tried it first on Linux with 1 Nvidia GPU which was working well but I ran in to compatibility issues when I tried to add an AMD card, so I switched over to Windows 10. Currently I am running 1 Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, 1 MSI RX 460 and 1 Gigabyte RX 560, all of these are 4GB cards.

By using a mining pool you’ll combine the processing power with other miners shared over a network, the reward is split equally according to the amount of work contributed in solving a block.

I use nanopool as a pool and Claymore dual miner to mine Pascal or SiaCoin along side without affecting the Ethereum hashrate. For either combination I am getting about 32.9 Mh/s.

To get started I bought an off the shelf gaming PC with the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU, the motherboard is a MSI with 2 additional PCIE slots to add GPUs with the help of power risers. I bought an extra power supply to power 1 of the AMD cards (and a couple of hard drives which I will explain in another post). The desktop came with a Intel Kaby Lake G4560 CPU and DDR4 8GB RAM.

Things to keep in mind are electricity costs and the network hashrate, the latter increases with time which results in fewer coins to mine.


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